Wiring and WiFi Installation
New Installations, Upgrades, WiFi Systems, and More

One of the key differentiators of Gotham Cloud is our expertise in infrastructure installation services. From running a single Ethernet cable extension to rehabilitating a complex WiFi network or a telco closet, we will exceed your expectations for quality, workmanship and speed of delivery. Our engineers have decades of experience working on the most demanding projects with tight deadlines and budgets. We are agnostic to hardware solutions and  are committed to always providing the best technical solution for your needs and budget.

Wiring and WiFi Installation Services
Wiring Services
Gotham Cloud provides all types of businesses and organizations with low voltage cabling services including Ethernet (CAT5/CAT6), fiber, coax, telephone, security cameras and systems, door access and PA systems. Our customers turn to us for wiring when they open new locations, consolidate offices, add new systems or want to upgrade the cabling infrastructure. We pride ourselves in turning projects around quickly, from the site survey to providing an estimate to completion. We understand there are times that you cannot interrupt operations to do wiring, so our technicians are available to work on nights and weekends, if needed.
WiFi Installation Services
Are users complaining about the speed and quality of your WiFi? As business applications increasingly use images, photos and videos, traditional WiFi networks are simply unable to keep up with the bandwidth requirements. Gotham Cloud diagnoses and improves existing WiFi networks quickly and cost effectively. We have experience in the most challenging environments, such as outdoor spaces, hospitality venues and many others. We tailor the best WiFi technology solutions for our customers and provide hardware options from a large number of suppliers, including Aruba, Fortinet, Cisco (Meraki), Meru, Blue Socket, Ubiquity, Ruckus.
Next Steps
Gotham Cloud helps organizations strategize and implement custom wiring and WiFi solutions. We will help you determine the most effective and solution for your needs and for your bottom line.
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